With a pending month long lockdown, it is going essential to take off the mental health of both yourself and your children in a positive shape in these times of uncertainty, especially when there is a possibility that they won’t able to see their other friends outside school or a favourite cousin.

This could have a negative impact on their emotional wellbeing.

In terms of wellbeing trends, let us not forget Meditation, yoga, and other mind strengthening exercises are popular with parent/guardian is registering their children to take part in these activities with good reason – to help them with their concentration and memory, and it develops children’s strength and flexibility.

According to research by wellness practitioners have shown that both mediation and yoga can help your kids be more attentive, forge good friendships, induce self-control, teach respect and empathy towards their fellow buddies all while reducing stress, hyperactive behaviour, reducing the symptoms of ADHD and increasing their chances of doing well in exams and coursework grades.

Swap game consoles or tablet for yoga

Most children nowadays have access to social media or even a tablet, which makes an potential target for when cyber bullying – as a result these tools to fend of negative thoughts and behaviour, enhance self-confidence, focus, and treat others and themselves with respect is an offering they will have for the rest of their lives,

As we live in a world where social media rules behaviour and disconnection is a real problem, is on the rise; our next generation needs a muscle of awareness, which the schools cannot encapsulate.

Having your child take up yoga can help them control their thoughts and reduce any form negativity that comes into their lives.

Home-based mediation Exercises

With mediation, it is perhaps the best exercises for children to do (with your assistance) and can make meditation for kids an enjoyable learning curve:

The Balloon
To bring a visual component to a very simple breathing exercise, this guided meditation technique can help. Your child can perform this exercise either standing or sitting.

  1. Have your child relax by inhaling and exhaling deep breaths through their nose.
  2. Inhale slowly to fill your belly up with air, while visualizing a balloon expanding.
  3. Slowly allow your child to exhale through their nose, like they are deflating the balloon.
  4. Continue for several minutes.

Follow the Leader

This meditation technique is for children are over 5 years old. Ask your child to visualize their best friends, with whom they share all their exploits and secrets. Ask them who leads and who follows.

That is who takes the decisions in the group and whom they look up to like their elder sibling will be the leader and they will be the follower.

Ask them to associate the leader as the breath and the follower as the mind. Then follow the steps below.

  1. Get them to sit down and close their eyes, make that they are comfortable.
  2. Take deep inhales and exhales. Pay attention only to their breathing.
  3. Then have the mind follow the breath no matter what. Visualise themselves in a picture following that friend or sibling. Make the mind focus only on the breath and follow the breath.
  4. Have your child count breaths at every exhale. Do not rush. The mind will want to rush and count before the exhale, but ensure that you do not skip ahead.
  5. Slowly, count to ten at the end of each exhale and continue to follow the breath.

Any of these techniques will enable the brain to relax, along with working with the subconscious mind to become more successful. Use a calming voice while meditating to lead the imagery and relax into the moment with your child. Have fun!

Final Thoughts

Getting your child into sports is fine, but with dealing with their mental health state, there is no greater exercise than yoga or mediation – what is even better you as parent/guardian can practice it with them too, so they will it as great activity to do with you during lockdown.

In the long-term, having your child taking part in mediation or yoga class not only can improve their mental health but can help with cope with their education as they get older; from which it can help them cope with the stresses of exams and coursework – along with performing a piece of music in school musical event.

How mediation can help kids focus